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2017: Autism Translational Research Workshop: Best Practices in Autism: Tough Topics and Diagnostic Differentials

Topics covered:

  • Supporting Lifetime Development: A Relationship Based Approach-Crysal Emery, Easter Seals Goodwill Rocky Mountain
  • Differential Diagnoses When ASD is the Referral Question – MaryEllen McClain, PhD, Utah State University
  • Social Skills for School Age and Young Adults – Jubel Morgan, RN, University of Utah
  • Social Skills for Toddlers and Teenagers – Court Allred, LCSW, University of Utah, Behavior Team; Heather Davis, PhD, University of Utah
  • Social Skills in School Settings – Christian Sabey, PhD, Brigham Young University
  • Managing Behaviors during Evaluations – Tyra Sellers, PhD, Utah State University
  • Social Skills for Work Settings – Melisa Genaux, Jordan School District
  • Panel Discussion
  • Social Skills Interventions: Overview of Evidence – Julie Hood, PhD, Pingree Center
  • Differential Diagnosis and Co-Morbid Conditions in Adults and Females – Julia Connelly, PhD, University of Utah
  • Parent Experiences of Evaluation and Diagnosis – Natalie Buerger, PhD, University of Utah
  • Identification of Autism in School Settings – Heidi Block, PhD, Davis School District; Suzanne Plowman, PhD, Alpine School District

2016: Autism Translational Research Workshop: Best Practices in Autism: What's New in Autism Intervention Research? $25

Topics covered:

  • ABA Beyond Discrete Trial - Blake Hansen, PhD, Brigham Young University
  • What's the Big Deal About the Early Start Denver Model? - Terisa Gabrielsen, PhD, Brigham Young University
  • Mindfulness and Emotion Training for Anxiety - Mikle South, PhD, Brigham Young University
  • Evidence-Based Interventions for Occupational Therapies - Heidi Woolley, OTD, University of Utah
  • Feeding Selectivity Interventions for Autism - Aaron Fischer, PhD, University of Utah
  • Language Interventions for Children with Low Language Levels - Stacy Shumway Manwaring, PhD, University of Utah; Teresa Cardon, PhD, Utah Valley University
  • Social Play Interventions - Tom Higbee, PhD, Utah State University

2015: Autism Translational Research Workshop: Best Practices in Autism, Autism in Adolescence $25

Topics covered:

  • Transition Process in Education - Ryan Kellems, PhD, Brigham Young University
  • Post-Secondary Education Supports and Programs - Jon Cox, PhD, Brigham Young University; Laurie Bowen, M Ed, Utah Valley Univ.; Tyra Sellers, PhD, Utah State Univ.
  • Legal Issues: Guardianship and Law Enforcement - Lisa Thornton, JD; Rodger Broome, PhD, Utah Valley Univ.**DISCLAIMER Lisa offered free guardianship to those who attended the conference. It does NOT apply to those watching the archived video.
  • Executive Function Deficits and Interventions for ASD - Jennifer Cardinal, PhD
  • The Spectrum of Mental Health Needs and Services for Adolescents with ASD - Julia Connelly, PhD, Univ. of Utah
  • Autism and Adolescence - Deborah Bilder, MD, Univ. of Utah
  • Panel Discussion with Families and Individuals with ASD - Moderator: Terisa Gabrielsen, PhD, Brigham Young Univ.

2014: Autism Translational Research Workshop: Best Practices in Autism, an Interdisciplinary Approach $25

Topics covered:

  • Autism Screening and Social Skills - Terisa Gabrielsen, PhD, NDSP, Brigham Young University
  • Language Treatment and Video Modeling - Teresa Cardon, PhD, CCC-SLP, Utah Valley University
  • ABA and Behavior Treatment - Tom Higbee, PhD, BCBA-D, Utah State University
  • Common Core and IEPs -- Jocelyn Taylor, MS, CCC-SLP, Utah State Office of Education
  • Psychopharmacology -- Deborah Bilder, MD, University of Utah
  • Co-morbid Conditions - Sleep, Seizures, etc. -- Paul Carbone, MD, University of Utah